Settlement: $200,000

Patron vs. Recycling and Composting Facility The client fell over the side of his truck when the defendant’s employee swung the client’s container to where the client was standing. The client sustained a concussion and fractured his ribs and shoulder.

Settlement: $195,000

Passenger vs. Motorists The client was a passenger in a vehicle when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client was later involved in another rear-end accident in less than three months. The client sustained knee injuries and soft tissue injuries to neck and back.

Settlement: $164,160

Pedestrian vs. Motorist The client was crossing a five-lane street and was struck in the center turn lane by a vehicle. The driver contended that the client was wearing dark clothing and walked in front of the vehicle. The client suffered wrist fracture that required surgery and reconstruction.

Jury Verdict: $152,443

Motorist vs. Dump Truck Driver and Employer The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by the defendants’ dump truck. The client sustained soft tissue injuries to her back and neck and suffered from anxiety while driving.

Settlement: $125,000

Patron vs. City The client was playing tennis in a city park. The city’s employee hit a rock while mowing the grass, causing the rock to fly up and strike the client’s hand. The client sustained three fractured fingers.

Jury Verdict: $121,199

Motorist vs. Motorist The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by another vehicle. The client suffered am aggravation of lighting up of a pre-existing lumbar disc herniation and ongoing injuries to his neck and upper back.

UIM Arbitration: $100,076

Motorist vs. UIM Insurer The client’s vehicle was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. The client was an elite golfer who sustained an upper and low back strains, resulting in 5% permanent impairment.

Settlement: $100,000

Passenger vs. Driver The driver crossed the center line, striking the oncoming vehicle. The client fractured his leg and teeth and sustained a head injury. The insurance company settled for $50,000 in liability limits and another $50,000 in UIM limits.

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