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When you are injured, trying to figure out what to do can feel frustrating. At Buckley & Associates, our lawyers are here to help you make sense of your situation. We can explain your rights and fight for the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. You can help us by keeping these tips in mind.

Big Mistakes Personal Injury Clients Make

  • Failing to see a doctor when you are in pain.
  • Failing to follow the doctor's advice and instructions.
  • Missing your doctor appointments.
  • Failing to tell your doctor about the medical issues you are experiencing because of your accident.
  • Talking about your case with anyone other than your attorney or your doctor.

What to Do After a Personal Injury

  • Always tell your attorney immediately about any address or phone number change.
  • Always tell your attorney about any job change, including change in duties, salary, or anything else.
  • Take pictures of your car if you were in a motor vehicle accident before the repairs are done.
  • Take pictures or video of the accident scene.
  • Save medical items, such as pill bottles, casts, braces and other medical products.
  • Save receipts for all expenses incurred because of the accident.
  • Always go to your doctor appointments and tell him or her if you are in pain. Documenting the extent of your injuries is important to recovery all the compensation you deserve.

What NOT to Do After a Personal Injury

  • Don't give statements, written or oral, to anyone about your accident without talking to your attorney first.
  • Don't lie to your doctor about prior injuries or accidents.
  • Don't change your address or your job without telling your attorney before you do it.
  • Don't sign anything until you talk to your attorney about it.
  • If you have been injured in an accident, please contact Buckley & Associates at (206) 622-1100 today for your free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers. We welcome clients throughout the Seattle area and have a satellite office located in Tacoma, Washington, for your convenience.

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