Motorcycle riders have a much higher incidence of death and injury in motor vehicle accidents than drivers and passengers of cars experience. If you are on a motorcycle and are involved in an accident, you are 3 times more likely to be injured and 14 times more likely to be killed than occupants of cars.

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Precautions You Can Take to Protect Yourself

Not every accident is preventable. You have no control over the negligence of other drivers on the roadways, but you can take responsibility for your own safety by establishing a few safe habits when you ride:

  • Wear a helmet and require your passengers to do so. Helmet laws in many states are helping to reduce motorcycle fatalities.
  • Obey the traffic laws, especially in regard to speeding, passing, and following too closely.
  • Remember that you are not as large or as visible as an automobile. Do everything you can to increase your own visibility, such as riding with the headlight on at all times and wearing reflective clothing after dark.
  • Be sure you are able to control the motorcycle while carrying a passenger and insist that the passenger obey your directions.
  • Road hazards have a much greater affect on a smaller two-wheel vehicle. Be cautious of bumps, cracks in the road, loose gravel or any other condition that might cause you to lose control.

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