Speeding is to blame for many motor vehicle accidents that injure millions of Americans every year. At Buckley & Associates in Seattle and Tacoma, our auto accident attorneys are experienced with resolving cases to get the victims of these accidents the compensation they need.

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Dangerous Speeds

Each state has set top speeds on their interstates, highways and main thoroughfares to protect the public from the danger that excessive speed poses. Unfortunately not  everyone follows posted speed limits, and at times even driving at the posted speed limit can be dangerous. These situations include:

  • inclement weather
  • unsafe road conditions
  • high traffic areas

Whatever the conditions may be, when a driver chooses to exceed the posted or the safe speed limit for the situation, that driver is creating a dangerous situation for everyone else on the road with them. Unsafe speeds:

  • Reduce the time available for slowing or stopping
  • Make it harder to control the vehicle

In addition, speeding drivers often do not wear their seatbelts, making the potential for injury much more likely in a car accident.

Help from Our Attorneys

At Buckley & Associates our accident attorneys fight for the rights of victims who have been injured because of the reckless or negligent conduct of other drivers. You should not have to suffer because of their poor choices.

We will work to resolve your case quickly and get you on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Are you suffering from car accident injuries because another driving was speeding? Please contact Buckley &Associates for your free consultation with one of our experienced accident attorneys. We welcome clients throughout the Seattle  and Tacoma areas of Washington.

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