Product Liability: Pedestrian vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee and Daimler Chrysler

The client had suffered partial leg amputation; fractured leg; head and hand injuries; scars. The jury determined that the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokees were not reasonably safe due to their design. Defendant, Daimler Chrysler was negligent for failing to retrofit the Jeep with a brake transmission shift interlock and failing to provide adequate warning after the Jeep was manufactured.

There are over 500 active runaway Jeep Cherokee injury and death cases nationally and this was the first, and so far the only, that has carried a jury verdict.

Daimler Chrysler’s appeal was rejected at the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court levels; consequently, Buckley & Associates successfully forced Daimler Chrysler to pay the judgment, plus interest, for a net total exceeding $6 million dollars.

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