Dog bites and animal attacks can be truly frightening events that leave you feeling shaken and frightened. At Buckley & Associates in Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, we understand the physical and emotional trauma that follow these horrific attacks. Our personal injury attorneys will work diligently to ensure that you get the justice and the compensation you deserve from the responsible parties.

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Safety Tips for Interacting with Dogs

Dogs can be intimidating and aggressive animals. To minimize your risk of being attacked remember these tips:

  • Do not interact with strange dogs
  • Do not approach dogs while they are sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies
  • Do not pet a dog until it has seen and smelled you
  • Do not leave children alone with dogs
  • Stay still if a dog attacks you and roll into a protective ball
  • Do not act aggressively toward dogs

What to do After a Dog Bite

Despite your best efforts, dogs do bite. If you have been attacked, remember these guidelines:

  • Seek medical attention. Dog bite injuries can be serious and even fatal.
  • Gather information. You will need the names and contact information for any witnesses to the incident.
  • Report the attack. Call animal control. The community has a right to know that there is a dangerous animal out there.
  • Call Buckley & Associates. Our experienced attorneys can evaluate your case and help you move forward with legal action.

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Were you injured by a dog bite or other animal attack? Get the justice you deserve. Please contact Buckley & Associates for your free consultation with one of our experienced dog bite attorneys. We serve clients throughout the Seattle area and the state of Washington. We also have a satellite office located in Tacoma, Vancouver, Washington, for your convenience.

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