Almost two million people each year sustain some kind of head injury. Severe head injuries can leave your loved one incapable of leading the life they had. When they are injured in an accident or because of someone else's negligence, you may be able to pursue a legal action to recover the compensation your family needs to care for them and make up for their lost income.

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Penetrating Head Injuries

Head injuries are classified as either penetrating or closed head injuries. Penetrating head injuries damage the skull itself, such as cracking or breaking it. Penetrating injuries are often deadly because of the extreme force that caused the injury. These injuries are usually caused by high-velocity projectiles, such as knives or bullets. Many victims of penetrating head wounds suffer epilepsy and respiratory distress.

Closed Head Injuries

Closed head injuries are more difficult to diagnose than penetrating head injuries because the skull remains intact, but the brain itself is damaged. During a sudden impact, the brain collides with the inside of the skull, which can cause long-lasting traumatic brain injury.

Treating physicians will pay particular attention to the symptoms that the victim is exhibiting in order to diagnose the extent of closed head injuries. In some cases, the symptoms will be so slight, they can escape the victim's notice, but without treatment the symptoms can worsen. The full effects of a traumatic brain injury may not be evident for several hours as the brain swells from injury.

It is important to seek medical assistance immediately if you or your loved one have suffered any trauma to the head.

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