ashley hamilton

Ashley Hamilton

Ashley has lived in Washington State since 2001 to attend the University of Washington from Philadelphia, PA. After falling in love with everything Washington has to offer in terms of culture and access to the outdoors, she decided to stay. Once she graduated from college, she worked in retail and professional sales then decided to pursue a graduate degree in Public Policy. Following graduation in 2012, she has dedicated herself to the pursuit of public service in the legal field. With a strong sales background and a mission for public service, she believes working with Buckley & Associates is a wonderful mesh of both worlds: engaging her value for excellent customer service and the professional skills to get the job done. In her leisure time, she enjoys live music shows, hiking, cooking for friends, watching her favorite professional sports teams or, volunteering at local charities.

lan nguyen 0

Lan Nguyen

Lan Nguyen is fluent in English and Vietnamese. She graduated from Renton Technical College with honors in Legal Assistant. Prior to working for Buckley and Associates, she was employed with a law firm for approximately four years. She enjoys spending time with her dogs. She also loves cooking in her free time.

vivian ching

Vivian Ching

Vivian was born in Thailand and raised in Hong Kong, she is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. She graduated from the University of Washington. After graduating from college, she had worked in various settings to serve the international community. She found her passion in the legal field when she started working at Buckley & Associates. Ms. Ching is dedicated to serve clients with her professional skills. In her spare time she enjoys hiking with her Corgi Meio.

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