What to Do After a Boating Accident

Being involved in a boating accident can be a frightening experience and leave you wondering what to do next. At Buckley & Associates in Seattle and Tacoma, our experienced boat accident attorneys can guide you through the legal process to get your case resolved and recover the compensation you need for your injuries and your property damage. Call us today at (206) 622-1100.

Report the Boating Accident

Boating accidents generally require a report to be filed with the Coast Guard or the appropriate state agency. Reports must be submitted to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction in the area where the accident happened. When in doubt, call the Washington State Boating Program for guidance.

You must report boating accidents when:

  • Someone dies as a result of the accident
  • Injury occurs that requires medical assistance beyond first aid
  • A person disappears from the boat and you suspect injury or death has occurred
  • The vessel is totaled or damaged in excess of $2,000

Assisting Others Involved in the Accidents

Under Washington state law, an operator of a vessel should render help to anyone affected by the collision. Offering assistance to those injured or affected by the crash is not evidence of liability.

Never leave the scene of the accident without rendering assistance to those in need. Failure to remain on the scene, render aid, and report the boating accident to an appropriate law enforcement agency in a timely manner is a crime. You can be charged with a felony.

Are you or a loved one suffering serious injuries that occurred in a boating accident? Our attorneys will work to protect your legal rights. We have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate your case and resolve it quickly to recover the compensation you deserve.

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